Deidre A. Hill - Writer, Storyteller

about the writer

As a longtime writer persevering in a supposedly or not, "fiscally prudent" material economy and restrained social system, I am well aware of how there seems to be no practical "measurable outcome" nor recognized value to the way I write, perhaps, other than from my own uberous perspective to trust God and "let patience have her perfect work."

Please see my bibliography of published works (and works in progress); read the complete collection of the articles previously published in my column, Every Age is the Best Age; and peruse the rest of my website to see what informs all of my endeavours.

I am a writer first. This has always been my position.

Hopefully, by the grace of God, I will still be found in my writings, unfolding and progressing purposefully, even after the curtain drops on this corporeal story.