Deidre A. Hill - Writer, Storyteller


Photo of Deidre Hill - October, 2007

There are at least three things I have realized about the creative writing process and profession.

First, the lifelong price, process, purpose, and understanding that continually unfolds, as a literary artist, is far greater than I ever imagined, as is its value—especially for a hypergraphic writer!

Second, gaining appreciation for the art of literature, and certainly critical thinking, with a liberal education as a Humanities English literature student, is further enriched by becoming a Fine Arts literary writing student; made even more powerful and practical with professional training to be an educator, especially with the additional concentrations achieved in social studies and Canadian arts and history; and continues to progress with elevated use and meaning, to another degree, by being a student and practitioner of Christian Science.

Third, but not least nor last, the highest levels of lifelong learning are made possible by approaching the arts of literature through writing; writer's block; worrying; witnessing, wiping tears away after weeping and sobbing deeply; well-being; watching; unselfed love; unity; understanding; unconditional love; trauma; translating; tenacity; teaching; sympathy; support; suffer; success; struggle; storytelling; stewardship; spiritual awakening; sorrow; solitude; sadness; sharing; retrospection; resistance; resilience; resentments healed; research; regret; reflection; recording; rebellion; reading and reading to others; prayer; practice; politics; point of view; perspective; perseverance; perception; patience; pain and release of pain; overcoming; oppression; opposition; offing the old man and his deeds; offence; observation; nature; mourning; Love; loss; listening; letting go; laughing; language appreciation; land defending; kindness; introspection; integrity; inspiration; hunger; humour; humility; horror handled; hope; honesty; help and helping; healing; grief; gratitude beyond measure; gain; forgiveness; following everything (about the ongoing narrative and seemingly common and human material perspective, that I could and that came to me, from my perspective, until it was just repetitious and enough about these times bookended within the reign of Queen Elizabeth II); firmness; fear and no fear; family history; faith; failure; experience; endurance; empathy; dismay; differing views; demonstration; defence; defeat–not; curriculum; courage; conscience; conflict; conciousness-raising; compassion; cogency; class; Christ; charity; certainty; caring; caregiving; books; boldness; being cared for; awareness; autoethnography; authenticity; assertiveness; unreal arrogance; appreciation on many levels, including whom it is that I am and knowing who we are; anger addressed; advocating; adapting; action taken that counts, in a good way, for good outcomes; acceptance; abundance; and abstinence (but not from writing).

Also, as a writer, I have come too far to not trust God, absolutely.

To everyone reading these words, thank you.